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I’ve put an additional anti-spam measure in – comment preview is now forced. I’m having probems with the preview comment template right now (it looks very rough and ready) but I’ll put it right soon.

Once again comments seemed to be missfiring, which I only found out thanks to a helpful soul out there (thanks Shane!). This stumped me a bit, as I’d assumed the problems I was having was down to MT-Blacklist not working with my ISP’s Perl install. The other odd thing was that I was still recieving comment spam (which thanks to MT Moderate was not reaching the actual site). A quick poke around showed that I’d fooloshly left mt-comments.cgi in place, which was obviously how the spammers were getting in.

That left the blame at the door of sub-to-com.cgi, the subscribe to comments plguin I’ve been using for a while now. Backing that out seems to of fixed the problem. Now I need to find some time to see if both MT Blacklist and sub-to-comments was to blame, or if MT Blacklist was blamless after all…

2 Responses to “Comments b0rked, comments fixed?”

  1. Steve Currency

    Your preview button has question marks on either side of the preview:


    Maybe you put in some weird codes there, or the character set is messed up?


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