In no particular order:

Spam prevention measures

MT Moderate is working like a charm – the latest wave of Trackback spams (mostly load related which makes a nice change to the recent influx of poker-related spam) all being caught.

Comment moderation is back off, and I’ve turned trackbacks back on. I’ve uninstalled MT-Blacklist after the recent perl issues here, and have instead installed MT Moderate which automatically forces moderation on all old trackbacks and comments. These older posts tend to attract more spam. We’ll see how it goes.

In the next release of the weblog, expect to see MT Moderate used alongside TypeKey and some serious mod_security work to block comment posting from known open relays. posting off

I was using the link posting as a way of enriching the content coming from the site. Unfortunately I’ve been concentrating on things other than writing (amongst which is a redesign) so this blog has degenerated into being a link blog. I’ll stop posting links directly to the main site in the next few days.

You can still subscribe to my tag feed directly if you want, and the link roll will keep updating. I will bring these links back in some form in the future – probably as a richer sidebar or something.

Being an OSX whore

Yes I now am, but am too busy right now being one to talk about it. I’d say “expect more soon” but on evidence to date relying on me is like investing in the US dollar.