So that was one of the most nerve wracking (IT-related) moments of my life, but after 30 minutes of stressful, body shaking nerves, curses, and general questioning of what I was doing, I was eventually able to part the Mac mini from it’s attractive upper shell and leave it naked under the waning daylight. What followed was simple by comparison, and one false start aside the mini was dressed once again an booting up to show it’s brand new 1GB of memory.

Thanks have to go to an article at macworld, although Russell Beatie gave me a more realistic idea of what to expect, and to be honest without smashword’s video of the feat, I’d be unsure if it was even possible with the tools I had to hand. I’m glad it’s over, and have gone from questioning Apple’s decision to price memory upgrades so exorbitantly to being almost convinced that they made the mini so hard to get into to sell overly expensive upgrades in the first place. Expect a follow up on first impressions of the Mac mini soon.