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Yes, it’s true. The all pervading air of Mac Mini hype has finally brought me to my knees – no longer can I hope to stand up to such a barrage of “but it’s so small” or “but its so cheap!” and most importantly “but it’s so cute – you can buy one if you want, but I get to use it!”. The current plan is to twin it with Elgato’s EyeTV 410, and a 20” Apple Cinema display. Sure, after I add that, a DVD burner, more memory, and an Apple Care package it isn’t looking quite so cheap, but what the hey, it is damn cute – those comparing it with similar priced options from Dell are completely missing the point if you ask me.

So what I’ll end up with will be a Freeview-recording, DVD burning, time-shifting monster, in a relatively nice package. Who knows, it might even replace my TiVo. Now I wonder if I’ll be able to use VNC to watch TV on my laptop….hmm….

5 Responses to “I’ve been assimilated”

  1. David Flett

    Congrats Sam, I hope you enjoy it. I have toyed with the idea too but just cannot justify the purchase of a fourth Apple mac, hahahahaha. I’ll wait for the new Powerbooks whenever they appear.

    I have never bothered with AppleCare since it is expensive and Apples have been pretty well built and reliable in my experience.


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