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A quick run-through of the least year at magpiebrain is in order I think:

  • January saw me looking at IoC and getting far more interested than I should of. I also found, and the web was a good place again.
  • February and I was playing with Spring, XWork and TDD. My article on IoC goes up at – shame on me!
  • March and I was writing up stuff on regular expressions before I started my current job.
  • April saw me finally sort out permalinks and send a new site design live. A long commute also saw some longer than average posts.
  • May and I was playing around with a few things I never came back to.
  • June came around and I was playing with Naked Objects, I upgraded this site to Movable Type 3, and I went to Glastonbury.
  • July and I started looking beyond the crap a bit more, and purposely started writing things to piss people off. It kind of worked…
  • August was a very slow month, as my new client was sapping all ability to even think about interesting (or otherwise) topics.
  • September was another slow month, for much the same reason, but I did get to escape from being build-bitch long enough to code for a couple of days, so it wasn’t all bad.
  • October – ditto
  • November – ditto. It seems being a build-bitch isn’t something which promotes frequent blogging.
  • December was much better, thanks in part to managing to make it to a Java meet-up in London, work finally generating some subjects which I thought blogging about would be of interest, and I found out I was off to a new client in the new year.

    So happy new year everyone – roll on 2005…

One Response to “End of year roundup”

  1. portly

    June: you revealed your interest in a certain ‘Rockney’ band, much to the amusement of your colleagues ….


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