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It’s cold, and no doubt it’s going to get colder. Some of my colleagues are currently enjoying temperatures of -35°C, and will no doubt pick up the odd cold along the way. With this in mind I thought that I’d post my favourite cold remedy, courtesy of an old mailing list:


* 1 Lemsip max strength sachet or similar, lemon recommended
* 1 soluable vitamin C tablet, lemon flavour preferable, orange at a pinch. Go for 1000mg Vitamin C, or the 500m Vitamin C/Zing tablets if you can find them
* 1/2 Lemon
* Hot water
* Honey to taste
* Mug


# Empty the sachet into a mug
# Add soluable tablet
# Squeeze half a lemon in
# Pour in hot (not boiling) water. Cue massive frothing – stand well back!
# Add honey to sweeten

Serving suggestion

Drink fast – it’s got a kick, but won’t be pleasant!

One Response to “Cold Remedy”

  1. Stuart Ervine

    Aside from probably overdosing you on Vitamin C, sounds like it’d work well!!

    However I feel as though I must post the old traditional:

    Ingredients :

    – A good measure of whiskey (preferably a decent scotch, none of this tenesee crap – single malts the best, but it’s understandable if you don’t want to waste it).
    – 2tsp of sugar.
    – A slice of lemon squeezed.
    – Some boiling water.


    – Whiskey first.
    – Sugar next.
    – Lemon next.
    – Water finally. (looks like a scripting language!)

    Drink when it stops scalding your mouth!


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