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10 Responses to “New Autumn Design”

  1. Paul Kilroy

    Great job. I think you have some extra p’s in your markup that could be removed. For example:
    -In your forms, these could be repalced with fieldset’s
    -Around your blogroll, these could be removed altogether.

    Other than that, nice job!


  2. ade

    I don’t suppose there’s any chance of an alternative style with a dark(er) background colour. The large expanse of white hurts my eyes.

  3. Sam Newman

    OK, extra p tags removed – and thanks for the fieldset suggestion paul – I wasn’t sure which containing element would be best to use for the form stuff. Looking around it tonight I certainly have some rough edges to work on, so expect some minor changes over the next few days – especially realting to comment and comment form handling.

  4. portly

    I may be being dopey (ahem), but I cannot see the banner at all, or the colophon headings etc unless I switch to ‘no theme’ stylesheet …. I tried in Firefox and heaven forbid, IE, and still no joy … is this the computer version of going blind because I have visited too many porn sites πŸ˜‰

  5. Sam Newman

    Yeah, that seems odd Ian. You might want to try clearing your browser cache and then doing a shift reload. I’ll try testing with some earlier versions of IE/Firefox today, but all is fine on Windows XP Firefox 0.9, 1.0RC, IE 6.


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