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Teasers of the recent Batman film sent me scurrying off to re-read Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, only to find that I couldn’t, well, find it. Sitting back (and scratching my chin in a position that I hope makes me look thoughtful, but I suspect makes me look like I’ve got a itchy beard) I wondered about what else I’d lost. A quick brainstorm later, and I had the following list:

# The Dark Knight Returns
# Muse’s Origin Of Symmetry
# Beat Takeshi’s Sonatine
# Fear and loathing in Las Vegas (Region 1 DVD)
# The tweezers from my Swiss Army Knife
# The desk-clip for my angle-poise lamp
# Dandy Warhol’s “You drive fast, I’ll do the drugs” T-Shirt. (I think my girlfriend threw this out)
# Black Books season 1 (DVD)
# An IKEA dressing gown, which I bought and never opened

If anybody finds any of this stuff, let me know will you? Alternatively, if you’ve lost anything give me a yell – I’ve got all kinds of crap sitting around that I have no idea how I got in the first place…

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