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Courtesy of Warren Ellis, via his blog “Die Puny Humans(Die Puny Humans – not work safe)”: (in no way safe for work!):

“sure, buy yourself a cute little Apple. Then save yourself some time and money by throwing the fucking thing out of the window, going out again and getting yourself a proper bloody computer”

6 Responses to “Quote of the week – Warren Ellis”

  1. David Flett

    I agree – apple’s are crap – my powerbook has not crashed in the two years I’ve had it, let alone had a hardware fault. Uptime measured in weeks and the most productive development platform for me. How the hell am I supposed to justify a couple of thousand on a new laptop?????

    Damn Steve Jobs and his company! Hahaha

  2. Sam Newman

    Ah, my next computer will probably be an Apple (I think I’ll wait for a G5 laptop) I just happened to like quote 🙂

  3. David Flett

    You and me both – waiting for a G5 laptop – that is. Rumours are it will be Spring ’05

  4. David Flett

    On a slightly related note (apple’s graphical wizardry, Sun’s need for an effective desktop, etc). Check out this new Sun 3D Java desktop – project looking glass:


    We had some Sun engineers over this week at work to discuss future products and they were really running this on their laptops! In some basic way its like Apple’s Expose feature which can use mouse gestures to shrink windows, show all windows, show all MDI windows for an app, clear all apps for the desktop, bring them flying back etc. I am a convert to this kind of productivity feature. Beats Alt-tab any day.

  5. Sam Newman

    I believe they have opensourced looking glass – in fact a quick google reveals “they have(eWeek – Sun Opens Its 3-D ‘Looking Glass’ Linux Desktop)”:,1759,1617825,00.asp. The cynic in me takes this to mean that either this was only a technology demonstrator or it was a dead end approach. The slightly less cynical side of me says that perhaps Sun fon’t have the money to invest in it and that by opensourcing it they might attract some free developers!


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