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Any initial impressions are that its very nice indeed. I uninstalled 0.8 before installing “as advised(Firefox 0.9 release notes)”:, and was a little disappointed to see that it lost my settings. This however was a minor inconvenience (most of my bookmarks are in “”: for example) – the extension manager is fantastic, and it was a breeze to reinstall my favourite “Web Developer”: extension (which has added even more useful features, such as improved CSS reports and a “page speed report”: Now all I have to do is wait for the “Tab Browser Extension”: to support the new API…

7 Responses to “Firefox 0.9 out”

  1. Osbaldblog

    Firefox 0.9 and LiveHeaders

    Just upgraded from Firefox 0.9RC, which was painless enough even though switching from 0.8 to 0.9RC was a royal pain because of the changes to the profile directories.. Funny how 0.9 goes to lengths to import my Internet Explorer settings but shame it cou

  2. David Flett

    Thanks for the tip Sam. No need to deinstall on the Mac – the new version imported all bookmarks, setting and remembered form values correctly. Hmmmm, what’s new? Different icons (on the mac at least), still got annoying buggy password manager dialogs but now they do have the correct app icon. Seems a bit slower for me than 0.8. I’ll still use it over Safari for but Safari wins out on 95% my visited sites for speed, functionality and OS-integration.

    P.S. Sam – your post page has some rather large vertical space (±1000pixels) on your post a comment page on Safari between ‘Post a Comment’ and ‘Name’. So I guess that puts your site in my 5% that Safari renders incorrectly 🙂 You might want to check it in khtml as well.


  3. Sam Newman

    Its a bloody float bug – something to do with the side menu pushing down block-level elements. I can’t reproduce in Firefox (it displays fine) and I thought it only occurs in IE. Guess I’ll have to spend a little more time tracking it down…

  4. Sam Newman

    Finally tracked down the problem – it was a combination of a lack of a float:left, clear:left (which fixed IE but then broke firefox) and strange right-margin (which when removed fixed firefox again). I think I can now also get the sidebar to be defined after the content and still have it layout properly – this is a good thing for those without stylesheets…

  5. David Flett

    Seems to be working in Safari now – the RH menu extends below the top of the Post a comment form which it was not doing last night.

  6. Sam Newman

    Sorting that out has inspired me to do yet another redesign, although this time it will probably be more few tweaks than a massive overall. Out of interest, how does this site font appear on Mac? I’m using “Lucida Sans”, “Lucida Sans Unicode” for windows and it seems to work quite well – I’m not sure of the equivalent for the Mac…

  7. David Flett

    Mac’s come with all the microsoft windows fonts installed so it looks fine on my mac with its nice anti aliasing too


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