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After thinking it over for a while I decided to upgrade to Movable Type 3. The install process went well and everything seems to be working fine. Rather than simply going for the free version I decided instead to reach for the credit card and purchase a Personal Edition license – I had a beta testers discount so it made it stupidly cheap for what I was getting. Anyway, the earlier versions of MT gave me excellent service, and I thought it was time I contributed toward the development costs. As always, if it looks like anything is bust, “let me know(Contact Me)”:

Along the way I discovered I nifty little freeware (for non-commercial use) ftp tool called “SmartFTP” which is worth a look if you’re in the market for a graphical FTP tool.

2 Responses to “Upgrading to MT 3.0”

  1. Dave M.

    Have you not heard of Filezilla? It’s free and probably the best FTP client I have ever used…


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