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I’m a big fan of the “”: bookmark service. I started using it primarily because it enables me to keep bookmarks synchronized, but have come to appreciate the ease with which you can categorise your bookmarks into multiple categories, and enables you to look at the bookmarks of other people have linked o the same sites as you, thereby providing you with a vast amount of other links you might be interested in. The one annoyance is that I have to visit the page to access my bookmarks. At a pinch it would be great if they could offer a view of your bookmarks which could sit in the Firefox sidebar (like “”:http:/, however even better would be a firefox plugin which would load your bookmarks into Firefox itself.

The beginnings of such a plugin may well be found in the new “Bookmarks Synchronizer”: Currently it only supports the import of XBEL format XML, but it should be an easy job to parse and load’s RSS feed of your bookmarks.

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  1. Sam

    Thanks for that Marc – I knew about the rssreader panel and really should of considered using it! I must say that the Tasty Safari plugin makes me wish I had a Mac…

  2. Bowen

    I agree that an extension that integrated adding links, etc would be cool, but I’m not up to XUL or whatever is required to do that. It may be the extension API is overkill for this anyhow.

    I’ve written some PHP that pulls in my links and formats them into a nice DHTML menu. Loaded up in the sidebar, it’s pretty cool.

    It would be easy enough to add a little “ post” form to the same sidebar, maybe someone wants to do this… The code is here.

  3. phalacee

    *Bookmarks in Sidebar* – You can specify firefox to have ANY bookmark automatically load in the sidebar (if are using Tabbrowser Extensions you need to turn off the setting that opens bookmarks in a new tab). All you have to do is go to the Bookmarks menu, click manage bookmarks, and then select the one you want, right click that bookmark and go to properties, at the bottom it says ‘load this bookmark in the Sidebar’ and tick that, there done … it now loads in the sidebar …

    *Updating Bookmarks* – If you wanted to, you could create a php script that would write out a bookmarks.html for you, then all you would have to do is write a commandline script (either bash or batch) to either wget (http) or ftp the file down to your system, over-writing your current bookmarks.html file, and it would update the file … You could easily modify Bowen’s php source to do that.

  4. Sam Newman

    Thats a very good idea actually. I could in fact have MT create a bookmark file from, then change my bookmarklet to ping my MT and get it to rebuild the file and reload the sidebar…

  5. Richard Soderberg

    Integrating this with a ‘last visited’ history view would be perfect; URLs are stored when the user edits the description or the category (or clicks the “save” button).


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