I try and avoid bandwagon jumping (I’m not saying I don’t do it, just that I try and avoid it – I tend to fall off a lot). However, Amazon’s “A9”:http://www.a9.com/ search service has certainly caught my eye. Using Google’s search results, it also adds a few handy features:

* Integrates with their book search (results shown side-by-side with Google results)
* It remembers your past searches
* Supports a Diary feature – add notes associated with a webpage, and when you visit that page again retrieve your notes. Currently this is only supported on the IE toolbar
* Very nice search shortcut – simply type @a9.com/query@ to trigger a search

The Diary feature looks especially nice – its just a shame that there isn’t a Firefox toolbar yet. Steven Garrity has “created a plugin(A9 Search Plugin for Firefox)”:http://www.actsofvolition.com/archives/2004/april/a9searchplugin to allow the use of an A9 search from the Firebox search box though.