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**Project proposal**: An IM client that synchronises seamlessly with a contact list stored in an enterprise social network system (think: MS Exchange (webdav?), Confluence).

**Initial thoughts**: Use Jabber

**Project Abstraction**: Generic notification mechanism which could be used to send email, SMS, IM. Useable by CruiseControl/DamageControl/Confluence/IM client etc.

**Rational**: Certainly a need for this at work. Is there desire enough to do it?

_Update_: Also think friendster/orkut integration. I’m thinking a server with modular contact discovery mechanism, with client abstraction. Suport for multiple IM protocols or just use Jabber? YAGNI – use Jabber. I should really stop engaging in design by blog.

_Update_: Look at Jain – “JSR 187(JSR 187: JAINTM Instant Messaging)”:

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