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My new role has started in earnest today, with me being packed off to a client site. Most of the day was spent tinkering with my nice shinny new laptop (ohh – wifi and bluetooth!), learning how to use Lotus Notes (ohh – really slow mail client!), and trying to remember about 50 peoples names. I’ve also been issued with an “RSA SecurID”: token, which has had me enthralled since I recieved it. The device generates random numbers for use with accessing my companies intranet when off site – I’ll post more on the device later.

I’m aware that I’ve not published much information on my spring-rcp work, and that’s because I haven’t done much at all. Hopefully this weekend will give me a chance to take stock and see what needs to be done.

8 Responses to “New job, new challanges, new gadgets”

  1. Sam

    Nope 🙂 I don’t like mixing work blog too much, so I’ll tell you off list…

  2. Ben Poole

    Oooh, don’t let my fellow Domino ‘bloggers see that: Notes != a mail client!!


    My day job comprises Notes and Java development (often both together), and my site’s built on Domino. But if your nice shiny new laptop is a Mac, that would explain Notes’ slowness… we’re still second class citizens in the Notes world.

  3. Sam Newman

    Nope – its a Dell. Much of the slowness has been donw to the fact I didn’t get replication properly setup. It does still take about 3-5 seconds to delete an email which is annoying to me (I’m used to immediate deletion in Thunderbird). I think Notes is perfect in a enterprise setting where you are acutally using its more powerfull features as we are (e.g. resource management, expenses, timesheets). Just using it as a mail client is overkill of the highest order however.

  4. Dave

    Well good luck Sam with the clients anyway and the new job (are you still London based? Any possibility of you coming over to see us Europeans?)

  5. Sam Newman

    The current project is based in outside of london, but will be ending by October at the latest – after then, who knows? Not sure about getting out to europe with work (we do have offices in the US, Aus, India and Canada though), but I may well be popping over to belgium for a weekend…

  6. Ben Poole

    Agreed; Notes as a mail-only app doesn’t really fly.

    3-5 secs for deletion sounds bad though; hope you get it sorted OK.


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