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Command Execution Overiew - Click to Zoom

I lieu of some actual code, I thought I’d post a high-ish level overview diagram of how commands are executed and handled. Those of you who’ve used “XWork”: may notice that it looks very familiar – which is unsuprising given that I had no problems with XWorks design itself. The real benifit of this framework over XWork (in addition to the fact that it has a more fully featured IoC framework) will be that it will have a whole host of cloesly integrated UI helper classes thanks to the “spring-rcp”: project. Due to the nature of XWork (being the underpining of “WebWork”: restructuring it to fit in with my goals was a non-starter.

The code is coming together nicely – adding the @ValidationInterceptor@ is my next job, followed by the @ResultInterceptor@ – both of which should be fairly easy.

2 Responses to “Spring-Command execution overview”

  1. Jason Carreira

    Even with the ObjectFactory? I thought that was the only sticking point? Xwork has the advantage of coming with a validation framework, type conversion, etc..


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