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My posting has been somewhat infrequent of late, primarily due to time being spent job hunting. It actually went rather smoothly, however both of the jobs I was looking into had some rather rigorous application and interview procedures. Having successfully navigated both rather tortuous processes, I’ve made my choice and will be starting my new job by the end of March (don’t ask who – I ain’t going to tell). Hopefully between now and then I can knock some items off my todo list, such as:

* Site redesign (probably going to be less radical than I originally thought)
* Upgrade MT version and various plugins (Textile, MT-Blacklist)
* Research for future articles (one at the use of CSS+JSP, NanoContainer, perhaps IoC life-cycle)
* Finish my Fowler->Rest Of The World pattern dictionary (where our hero attempts to work out the mapping between Martin Fowler’s pattern names, and the names everyone else actually knows)
* Steam clean my carpets…

Well, you get the idea.

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