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Since I first heard about the notion of tablet based PC’s, I actually first thought about those little screens used in Star Trek TNG – little, A5 devices that fit in your hand. The reality was big, heavy laptops. Now thanks to the “Transmeta Crusoe”: chip, the “oqo”: looks like it might make the tablet PC a reality. Its about the size of a video tape, complete with a 1 Ghz processor, touch screen and keyboard. Oh, and its wireless. With bluetooth. And a 20GB hard drive.

No information on prices as yet, but according to “the inquirer(Transmeta’s goldfish conquer fear of Windows )”: it should be available in a few months, although the oqo website states that fall 2004 as being the expected arrival time.

2 Responses to “The dream of Tablet PCs delivered?”

  1. Stephan Tual

    Hi Sam – Nice meeting you yesterday!
    The oqo is unfortunately vaporware… they had that site up since 2002 😦 It won the ‘vaporware of the year’ award on Slashdot, also in 2002.

  2. Sam Newman

    It may be rapdily becoming a real product – an actual version was shown at the CES shwo and they will start shipping in the second half of 2004. Early information talks about a sub-$2000 price point, which will inevitably mean a price around $1500 at least, which is a bit rich for me


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