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I’ve just installed Oscar Hills’ very fine “EZ Subscribe To Comments( November 18, 2003 Archives)”: plugin. It should allow people to subscribe to my various entries and track any comments made. It also provides a web-based interface for management of the subscriptions, so you can easily alter your subscription options. I have to give kudos to Oscar for this – the plugin installed very easily (a single file, no hacking of MT required) and worked first time. My comment forms now look a little ugly with the extra subscription options, but I’ll look to tidy this up in the next few days.
I have managed to overwrite the comment listing though, which will take me a bit of time to sort out. Anyway, feel free to post some test comments on this post and try the subscription options!

[Update: 09/01/2004, 10am]: The comment listing is fixed, and eveything seems ok now.

[Update: 09/01/2004, 11am]: Cleaned the comment form up a bit (its still pig ugly) and made sure the subscription options appear on all comment forms. I also found a bug whereby the blockquotes java script wasn’t being applied on some pages – this is also resolved.

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