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Well, I’m back. I only have one new years resolution, but I’m not telling anyone what it is – at least not via this blog. I had a good Christmas and New Years, and have already started getting depressed at the thought of going back to work. Such is life. Presents included Bill Bryson’s “Dictionary of Troublesome Words( – Dictionary of troublesome words by Bill Bryson)”:, Ryan Adams Album “Rock N Roll( – Rock N Roll by Ryan Adams)”: (seeing him again in a couple of months), and some nice crockery for eating my takeaways off. I also decided to buy an iBook, then looked at my bank balance, and realised that I’d be better off buying an etch-a-sketch. On a Java-related note, my article on IoC, Spring and PicoContainer is going well – the prose is finished, it only remains to write the actual code. Expect more on this soon.

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