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Well, much fun was had by all, especially the very drunk guy who started eating rice with his fingers whilst swaying slightly. I managed to meet up with “Simon Brunning(Small Values of Cool)”:, “Simon Brown”:, “Jeremy”: (to whom much kudos must be given for organising the whole thing), “James Strachan”: who was kind enough to field a vast array of questions on all things Groovy, Drools (mostly me) and Core Developers and many, many others. James also dropped some hints that I should look at “PicoContainer”: – expect a brief comparison wrt the “Spring Framework”: in the next few days…

4 Responses to “London Java Meetup Review”

  1. Sam Newman

    I got off lightly because I was too busy talking to drink. I’d like to say it was nerves, but I think I’m just a loudmouth 🙂


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