Finally someone has written a “tool(redemption in a blog – MT-Blacklist Updater)”: to dynamically update your MT blacklist. As some of you may be aware, Jay Allen’s excellent “MT Blacklist(MT-Blacklist – A Movable Type plugin to eradicate comment and trackback spam)”: plugin allows you to blacklist comments based on URLs, to stop spammers attempting to use your blog to inflate their Google pageranks. Entries for your blacklist can easily be added yourself, however Jay is maintaining an RSS feed with new changes to his master list.
Cheah Chu Yeow has created a “PHP program(
MT-Blacklist Updater – Keep your blacklist updated
)”: run via Cron which can update your blacklist based on this master list. Now as Jay himself has stated, in the long term a master list of blacklisted sites is not necessarily the answer (Jay has proposed a peer to peer solution) but in the meantime this will do. As soon as I’ve updated to the new version of MT Blacklist, I’ll be giving this plugin a whirl…