For a while now I have been singing the praises of “FeedDemon”:, Nick Bradbury’s very good RSS reader. I still think its a great product, however a couple of niggles caused me to look elsewhere. Firstly, with FeedDemon its a bit of a pain to synchronise my blogroll between sites. I browse both at work and at home, and whilst FeedDemon does allow you to synchronise your feeds with an online OPML file, this is a manual process. Also it cannot write to the file (meaning an export->ftp upload before leaving work). The lack of blog synchronisation between sites also means I’m not sure what I’ve read and what I haven’t, so keeping up can be a pain. Secondly, I can’t use Firebird (well, Gecko) to render the sites. Not a major gripe I’d admit, but IE blows.

“”: is an online service that stores a list of your favourite blogs. When you log into the service, you can see your favourites, and when they were last updated. In of itself this isn’t too useful. What is useful however is the sidebar they provide for NS6/Firebird. It sits quite nicely in my Firebird sidebar. When at home or the office, I can use the time stamp of my favourites to work out what I would of read. Even better is the fact that my favourites get automatically exported as an OPML file thereby making the construction of a online blogroll very easy (expect one soon). FeedDemon hasn’t been started since I got all of my favourites loaded into