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As a result of my research into “Hibernate”: that I’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks, I can across enough references to the “Spring Framework”: for me finally to give it a look. I was quickly hit by the wealth of information out there, however nothing really provides a good concise overview – the Spring Framework “tutorial”: for example is a 48 page PDF which gives an overview of each package in turn – not my idea of a tutorial at all. There seems to be an inordinate amount of waffle on the subject – looking at the petclinic example in the distribution, I can understand some of Spring’s power, but at the same time it can be very confusing. I’m fairly sure I can come up with a more concise getting started guide, which I’m going to aim to do over the next week or so.

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  1. Sam Newman

    Yes, I found that walkthrough recently. I would of prefered something which gave a ‘block-diagram’ view of the MVC arcitecture. Its making sense to me now – much of the confusion was bought about by the petclinic example that comes with the distribution. The problem is I’m historically a struts user, and struts user forms objects are very beasts. In Spring a form is almost doing the job of the action class as well. I’m thinking about renaming my Spring web-form’s ‘handlers’ or something to avoid the confusion – dealing with 2 frameworks at work, and 2-3 completely different ones at home, is getting a bit much…

  2. Michael Franz


    What are your feelings about Spring now? It has been 7 months? I am a struts user and evaluting Spring for some future work. I have found the concepts hard (being somewhat biased).


  3. Sam Newman

    Well, to summarise a few points at once:

    * IoC is not new – its just plain good sense
    * You don’t need Spring or Pico to make IoC work, but it helps
    * If you want to embed an IoC type container in your own code and use nothing apart from your own code, Pico is a good choice as its damn small
    * If you want to use an IoC framework with third party API’s, Spring is excellent

    Hope that helps!


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