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I decided to spend my Sunday afternoon giving “Seraph”: a go. Seraph is “Atlassian’s”: opensource web application securty framework. Upon downloading I found that it depends on “OpenSymphony’s”: (website tagline: “Quality Components”) “OSCore”:, and “OSUser”:, nether of which it includes in its downloads (despite the fact that specific version numbers are mentioned in the “dependencies”: No problem I think, I’ll just pop over to OpenSymphony to grab the latest OSCore and OSUser jars. Unfotunately you can’t. No download links, nothing. I eventually find in the OpenSymphony Wiki that the only way to actually get them is via CVS (and I only found this page via a Google search). Already I’m a little concerned – Seraph seems to be at a relatively early stage of development and is dependant on two apparently immature libraries (if all you provide is a CVS source download, you aren’t what I would call ready for prime time). Having already spent a little time at this I thought I should go one step further, so I fire up SmartCVS and download the repositories. Both OSUser and OSCore build easily enough, and not knowing much about either I decide I should look for some documentaion. OSUser contains little – the online API docs are broken, there does’t appear to be any docs in CVS, and the example app doesn’t build, and there is nothing like a quickstart guide (which was so helpful with Hibernate) so I have no way of knowing how the bloody things works.

Anyway trusting that the versions of OSUser and OSCore in CVS will work with Seraph, I’ll spend a little longer seeing if its worth going any further with it. I don’t hold out much hope…

4 Responses to “OpenSymphony woes”

  1. Hani Suleiman

    Hey Sam,

    I agree that it’s a bit pitiful, the current status and availability of some of these components. However, on the plus side it’s improved hugely in the last couple of weeks. Most things have downloadable versions, and the documentation and website have been overhauled. I’ll be sorting out oscore and osuser downloads and api docs soon, so there is hope yet!

  2. Sam Newman

    Hi Hani,

    Thanks for the note! I appreciate these things can take a little time, and I realise you’ve just started to get to grips with updating the website. Anyway, I’m in the middle of an article on the Spring framework right now but will be looking at OSUser, OSCore and Seraph again in a month or so – I’m sure any work you can put in by then will be a big help.

  3. Scott Farquhar


    Please email me directly, and I will provide you with the appropriate OSUer and OSCore jars.

    Or you can get them from the JIRA download.


  4. Sam Newman


    Thanks mate šŸ™‚ As I mentioned to Hani I’m currently wrestling with Spring (although a few things finally clicked last night) but will be looking at Seraph again in the near future. I’ll try grabbing the relevent Jars from the Jira download tonight.


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