Well, I managed to get “JBoss”:http://www.jboss.org/ and “MySQL”:http://www.mysql.org/ working thanks to a kind friend who dug his config files out. Getting “Hibernate”:http://www.hibernate.org/ and JBoss working together was fairly simple, although I hate the fact that the Hibernate libraries have to be stuck in JBoss’s own lib directory thanks to one of its infamous class loader problems that never seem to get fixed. A minor hiccup was when JBoss forced the MySQL driver into an auto commit mode which it doesn’t support (this is despite MySQL’s own driver defaulting to false), although passing in a parameter to the JDBC URL fixed that.

Throughout the whole process I’ve found Hibernate very user friendly – the error messages are informative and helpful, which is more than can be said for JBoss and Tomcat. Next up I’m going to create a sample object model with some one to many relationships with both Hibernate and as Entity beans, to get a rough idea of performance.