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Right now, I am supposed to be on my way to seeing the “Flaming Lips”:, one of the best live bands on the planet, at the “Hammersmith Apollo”: Instead, I am trying to work out why one of our warehouse management systems stopped working, and why even after I’ve cobbled together a fix for a problem I don’t understand won’t it accept a file its been accepting quite happily for the last couple of months. An even bigger problem is that I don’t have the file the file in question to hand – its being emailed to me as we speak. So I’m just sitting around, waiting for the ruddy file to arrive, which inevitably will of been mangled by someone at the warehouse…oh well…

_Updated 7:29pm_: Well, finally got the email at the second attempt, everythings sorted so now its time for a mad dash across London to try and get to the concert in time….who wants a bet that the underground will get flooded or something?

2 Responses to “Where I am supposed to be, and where I am”

  1. Sam Newman

    Made it in time – well, I missed the support acts which I would like to of seen. The concert was amazing though, so a good end to a bad day…


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