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James Seng’s Solution for comments spams is to make sure the person making the post is actually human – he displays some text as a graphic, and the prospective poster has to type in the text they see. Even better, hes rolled the whole thing into a MT plugin. Whilst it is a much simpler solution than “Jay Allen’s MTBlacklist plugin”:, it does suffer from two major disadvantages over Jays approach. Firstly the system won’t work for those users unable to view graphics. Secondly it does nothing to handle the content of the post itself – I could still fill the comment’s with links to Viagra sites or verbal abuse. Still, it might make a nice addition to Jay’s plugin – as long as you could easily determine those viewers who were unable to view the graphic and let them skip the test (although any such identification code would of course expose itself to bots playing around).

One Response to “Another MT Plugin to stop comment spam”

  1. Reflective Reality

    Automated Comment SPAM Solution

    I now have a working captcha thanks to James Seng. I really don’t care how much of a pain it is on the accessibility front, the spammers have driven me to finding a working solution. The don’t allow comments from google searches hack also makes first t…


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