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Some tard is at it again. This time however the comment was not a piece of spam trying to sell herbal Viagra. I include my response to this person in full:

Dear Mishka,

Contrary to your comments on my blog concerning the post “Another Blog tool –

“Mishka rules !”

I will think you’ll find that you do not in fact “rule” in any shape or form. I
would go as far to say that you do in fact “suck” for your blatant spam tactics
in using my blog as a way of advertising your own website which is little more
that an under construction page, and a bad one at that.

Don’t do it again.

It won’t surprise any of you that this person had an AOL mail account.

_Updated: 26/09/2003 11:01AM_: Naturally the email address given was fake – so I have sent the email on to the one given on his website.

3 Responses to “Yet more (juvenile) comment spam”

  1. Luis

    Mishka hit me as well, and if you do a Google search, you’ll find that the pinhead is all over the place. He’s apparently got a bot, and sends two comments to each blog in the span of a few minutes. His aim is to maintain links to his site from countless hapless bloggers, and as a result get ranked higher on search engines.

    I’m afraid you may have just made a bit of an error in emailing him back; as a spammer, he likely took your email address and added it to a directory, which he will likely not only send spam to himself, but will also sell to other spammers, who will sell to still more spammers, and so on. Hope you used a junk email account to send your message….

    Best thing to do is erase his comments, or at least any links within them, and then ban his IP address from making any comments on your blog.

  2. sam

    Well, the email account I’m using is reapidly being spamed out of existance in anycase so I’m not too bothered. His IP is blocked now anyway, but I’m seriously thinking about implementing a simple commentor login system sometime soon…

  3. Luis

    I understand about the spamming thing. I’d recommend getting Eudora 6, which has a very nice spam-blocking feature (paid version only, $40). My account gets spammed about 40-50 times daily, but Eudora catches them pretty well–maybe one spam a week gets through, and only unusual real emails get put in the spam category, and not too often.

    As for login comments, I’d do that if I didn’t really care about getting comments. I have to say that if I have to log in, I wouldn’t comment. Sad that spammers can cause this course of events….

    Good luck!


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