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“FindBugs”: is a Java tool which aims to find possible bugs in your code. I use “Eclipse’s”: own code checker and the Eclipse “Checkstyle”: “plugin”: for this purpose, although it seems that Findbugs may pickup some things these tools don’t, such as:

  • Places where a null pointer might be dereferenced
  • I/O streams that are opened, do not escape the method, and are not closed on all paths out of the method
  • Methods that can return null instead of a zero-length array
  • Using the == or != operators to compare String objects

I might try runing it on my code base and see if it picks anything up…

One Response to “FindBugs – Java code checker”

  1. manjunath a s

    respected sir
    i want to know how to develop a tool in c#
    regarding code checker


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