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My excellent Rega Planet CD player has given up the ghost – or at least it now seems unable to play a CD for more than a few seconds. It looks like I’m restricted to the Planar 2, Internet Radio and my iPod… least until I can contact a local Rega dealer. I will of course have to resist the urge to upgrade to the new Jupiter 2000.

2 Responses to “My CD Player”

  1. Scatty

    I KNOW YOUR DIARY WAS FROM A WHILE AGO BUT DID YOU MANAGE TO FIND SOMEONE TO REPAIR YOUR REGA? DId it have to go to a specialst Rega centre and was it terribly expensive to repair?

  2. sam newman

    Strangely enough, it kind of fixed itself after a while. A loose connection seems the likely cause, but part of me can’t help wondering that it’s so good it healed itself…


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