…of my new blog. Expect a mixture of stuff – initially at least it’ll be mostly Java related, with a heavy dose of other things, and perhaps even the occasional post on if I need a beard or not.
The Blog is running on MovableType 2.64, hosted at Gradwell in the UK. I’m currently using the Textile plugin by Brad Choate, CodeBeautifier plugin by Sean Voisen, and the mt-rssfeed plugin by Timothy Appnel.
The design is using CSS for layout purposes, and was initially based on BlueRobots 3 column flanking menu layout, although has been heavily changed since then – as you can see its now using 2 columns! After many problems (all with IE of course) I ended up ditching the orignal pixel based layout for code ripped without mercy from Simon Willson’s very good blog, albeit only the code for the @mainArea@ and @menu@ @

Code for the HTML lists to the right was taken from A List Apart’s ‘Taming Lists’ by Mark Newhouse. Code formatting colours are taken from the example styles for the CodeBeautifier. Form element design was based originally on examples given here. Everyone is attributed in the CSS style sheet as well!
It doesn’t test as being completely webstandard compliant at the moment, but I’m working on it.