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From my forthcoming RSS-Java article – assuming it gets published! Actually this is as much to make sure the code formatting is still working…

package org.safedataco.example;

import de.nava.informa.core.ChannelFormat;
import de.nava.informa.core.ChannelIF;
import de.nava.informa.core.ChannelParserIF;
import de.nava.informa.core.ParseException;
import de.nava.informa.core.UnsupportedFormatException;
import de.nava.informa.impl.basic.ChannelBuilder;
import de.nava.informa.utils.ChannelParserCollection;
import de.nava.informa.utils.FormatDetector;


 * An exmaple of Informa's usage
 * @author sam
public class InformaExample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
            URL feed =
new URL("file:/C:/java/informa/samples/linuxjournal.rss");
            ChannelParserCollection parsers =

            ChannelFormat format = FormatDetector.getFormat(feed);
            ChannelParserIF parser = parsers.getParser(format, feed);
            parser.setBuilder(new ChannelBuilder());
            ChannelIF channel = parser.parse();
        } catch (MalformedURLException mue) {
        } catch (UnsupportedFormatException ufe) {
        } catch (ParseException pe) {

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