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Updated: Fixed some typos and the table formatting

Jumping belatedly onto one of the recent blogging bandwagons (by now looking quite unsafe, with peeling paint and all those credible bloggers long since having abandoned…well, wagon) I thought I’d have a look at the browsers people use to view the site in the wake of the release of Firefox 1.0.

Lets look at Analog’s results:

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A friend of mine pointed out that under “RSS Bandit”:, links to my posts are broken. I took a look, and it seems as though it is using the @@ element from my RSS 2.0 feed as a link, rather than the more usual @@. My @@’s are fairly standard (in an MT sense), and look a little like this:


Thinking that RSS Bandit was misusing this value, I thought I’d do a little research.
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I’m not sure how I missed this (although I suspect a recent spring clean of my subscribed feeds is to blame) but I managed to miss the announcement that both “NetNewsWire(NetNewsWire and Bloglines)”: and “FeedDemon(FeedDemon 1.5 Beta 1 with Bloglines Integration)”: are to integrate with “Bloglines”: I wasn’t wowed by the original “announcement”: of the Bloglines web services API – I just saw it as an obvious move to enable the development of notifier tools and the like, as well as reducing bandwidth usage, but I certainly welcome the move of commercial rich-client aggregators to use Bloglines to enable synchronisation across multiple machines.
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An email from Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes pointed out something which I really hadn’t noticed – the “”: links being spliced in using “FeedBurner”: seem to be getting a huge number of hits – not just compared to the normal dross I put out, but compared to everyone else too. So far I’ve been unable to see how this could be happening – Javablogs only tracks reads made via JavaBlogs itself, which implies someone/something is hammering these specific entries via Javablogs itself. I think Mike is going to look into this a little more, but if we can’t find a fix I’ll pull my links from the Javablogs feed.

Back from Glastonbury, and it seems people have been busy in my absence. A while back I integrated some Javascript from “Stuart Langridge”: which parses Textile formatted text into HTML – I used this code to create a live preview for commentors (which itself was inspired by the HTML live preview on “Jon Hick’s”: site). Jeff Minard spotted my “original post(magpiebrain – Live textile comment previews)”: on the subject, and “took it upon himself”: to add support for some aspects of Textile formatting that were missing from Stuart’s original script prior to integrating it into his own very nice blog (another site that has encouraged me to start a minor design overhaul). When I get a spare moment, I’ll certainly be integrating Jeff’s changes into this site.

I woke up this morning to a pleasant arrival in my inbox – no, not the latest Nigeria scam, instead a communication from “Sixapart”:, makers of “Movable Type”: Firstly they informed me that my Personal Edition has been upgraded for free to an Unlimited Personal Edition (so I can now have as many authors as I like), but have also explained that the standard Personal Edition now allows an unlimited number of blogs too (previously you were limited to five authors).

When the original licensing structure was announced many bloggers got a “little histerical”: – I instead decided to wait it out and see how Six Apart dealt with the criticism. Six Apart listened, reacted, and the net result is that the new license scheme was to my liking. I paid for a license an am very happy with it. The fact that they’ve further rewarded me for my support is icing on an already quite nice cake.