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After some service hick-ups Gradwell hae got things back to normal. Despite their main file server being down for two days, the worst disruption I faced was the blog being unavailable for a couple of hours, then it being in a read only state for an hour or so.

From the Apache announcement mailing list:

The Regexp team announces the availability of Jakarta Regexp 1.3 release.

This is primarily maintenance release containing several bug fixes
accumulated since the last Regexp release. Complete list of changes is
available at: “”:

Regexp comes in one download, containing binary and source code.
Download Regexp from “”:

Bug reports and patches are accepted via Bugzilla,”:

My otherwise excellent ISP Gradwell suffered a heart stopping (for me at least) outage today:

Our primary fileserver has failed, causing primarily an outage of out web and shell account services. We are working on recovering this machine as quickly as possible, and apologise for the inconvenience this will cause. We regret no ETA is currently available.

I was at work an unable to check the dates of my last backups, but its seems to be back and working now. The outage was reported at 8am and fixed by 10:30am so no harm done. I am however going to make sure I have everything backed up when I get home tonight!

I’ve just downloaded QStudio for Java Pro, which is being offered with a free year-long license.

QStudio for Java Pro is a comprehensive software health quality assessment and control tool targeted towards the software developer.

Developers can automatically inspect their Java source code and improve their Java programming skills as they write their programs. QStudio for Java Pro provides descriptive Java patterns explaining error prone code constructs and providing solutions for it.

For those of you familiar with tools like Checkstyle or even the built in code checker in Eclipse, it does a similar job, although it does seem more sophisticated. Probably the best feature is the ability to generate a HTML view of your source complete with annotated “Observations” (as QStudio puts it) making code reviews a real breeze. I’m still trying to get it to play nice with Jalopy – however thats more an issue with getting Jalopy to format its code so QStudio doesn’t moan about it.